What is Competency Based Education?

For us that means supporting our learners through continuous assessment, digestible timelines, and mentorship from ultrasound experts to ensure you’re able to retain and apply your learnings to improve patient care.

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How it works

Healthcare Education
at the Speed of Practice

It’s never been easier for practitioners to get to mastery in Ultrasound.

  • Learn the Basics

    Become acquainted with the essentials of ultrasound physics, scan planes, transducer manipulation, ultrasound anatomy, and utilizing your device.

  • Dive in one step at a time

    Learn at your own pace and build upon your education by taking the courses that resonate with your profession or following our guide.

  • Transform Your Patient Care

    Utilize your new skills with patients as you continue to develop your expertise with ultrasound. We provide on-going education and mentorship to keep your skills current.

  • Practice + Get Feedback

    Practice, practice, practice! Hone your skills and gain constructive feedback from our experts and your peers to become confident in your abilities.


Ongoing Mentorship

Through the POCUS Pro App you can submit ultrasound scan images and have them reviewed by an expert.

Skills-based learning requires mentorship and guidance from more knowledgeable practitioners in the field. Through the POCUS Pro app you can submit ultrasound scan images and have them reviewed by credentialed experts. These reviewed scans can be submitted for Point-of-Care Ultrasound certifications through Aeyr and other organizations.

Ongoing Mentorship

We provide multiple virtual mentorship opportunities through our one-on-one Virtual Scanning Sessions and Open Hours with your instructor.

During these opportunities, you can work with an expert to ask questions, hear feedback and questions from your peers, and improve your skills.

Additionally in Virtual Scanning Sessions, you can scan alongside your instructor and hone your ultrasound expertise.

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Open Hours

Communities of Practice

Our education supports the creation of sustainable communities where individuals who have advanced their skills spend time reviewing and coaching those beginning their journey.

We encourage a combined approach to mentorship for point of care ultrasound training through in-person and virtual mentorship communities.

Both of these provide sustained expert-level mentorship for any learner throughout their Pathway to Competency.