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Triage and Diagnose Your Patients at the Bedside with POCUS

Real-time imaging of your patients with diagnostic point-of-care ultrasound can support the timely interpretation of your patients for faster treatment. Our POCUS in Practice stackable courses are designed exclusively for healthcare professionals. They provide in-depth training on utilizing bedside diagnostic ultrasound for accurate and efficient assessments in abdominal and musculoskeletal health with confidence.

Build your own POCUS Course stack through our POCUS in Practice Collections! Choose up to 6 POCUS in Practice online courses to fit your personal roadmap to diagnostic ultrasound competency.

Bring POCUS into your practice with WCUI | Global’s diagnostic Point-of-Care Ultrasound courses.

Healthcare professionals can use POCUS to perform focused evaluations to answer critical questions at the bedside. Our POCUS courses are stackable units that support your journey in specializing in bedside diagnostic ultrasound protocols of the entire body from the heart, lungs, upper and lower extremities, DVT, spleen, liver, biliary system and more. Develop your competency in all or a few of these courses to triage your patients faster and improve patient care.